Houses for sale

The unique Wakefield Hills project joins the community of Wakefield at the doorstep of the Vorlage Mountain. Offering a variety of innovative homes in the heart of this beautiful community, the country life has never been more fulfilling. Going back to the roots along the west of the Gatineau River, nature lovers will be blessed and able to enjoy a quiet way of life 365 days a year.

All of our homes are equipped with radiant heating at the ground level, with heat pumps and convertair on the second floor.  These technologies will ensure your home is cosy in the winter and cool as a breeze in the summer. All our homes are constructed with steel roofs, local materials, aluminum triple pane windows and state-of-the-art insulation. In addition to offering a modern kitchen, cathedral ceilings, patios and balconies, Wakefield Hills homes’ include a guarantee plan for new residential buildings.

All homes include the following as standard;

  • Maibec wood siding
  • Radiant floor heating (ground floor)
  • Metal roof by Ideal Roofing
  • Triple pane aluminium/PVC windows
  • Cathedral ceilings with timber frame beams
  • Convectair Electrical heating (second floor)
  • Heat pump for additional heating/cooling system
  • 9′ ceilings (where not cathedral)
  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • LEED plumbing accessories
  • Roxul insulation & Eco4 panels

Our models

At Wakefield Hills, we offer homes and solutions that take into account our environmental footprint.

Nature lovers will be blessed and adventure seekers will be fulfilled.