About Wakefield Hills

Who are we?

From New Zealand to the Outaouais, Groupe ZELO is a visionary in real estate development. Distinguished by the quality and sustainability of its real estate projects, it promises a sustainable lifestyle that promotes a common and green space for all.

“We know that the solutions we create today will improve the quality of life tomorrow and help our communities flourish.”

Our origins

ZEL-New Zealand/O-Outaouais

Groupe ZELO was created following an association with a company that originated in New Zealand and one in our own home, the Outaouais. This is how the joint venture established its name and built its reputation as a creator of high-end homes and communities.

Groupe ZELO currently has a project in Aylmer as well as Gatineau and now under the foot of the Vorlage Mountain in Wakefield.

Kerry Dines

Founder Kerry Dines came from a construction family and started his career in land subdivision design and construction with Auckland Consultancy KRTA before moving to Wilson Rothery Ltd, a long established construction company with over 100 staff. Kerry was managing the company by his mid-twenties.

Pokeno Village

In 2005 Dines Group identified the small hamlet of Pokeno (pop. 500) south of Auckland, New Zealand, as a major opportunity for residential and industrial development and began purchasing properties.

The Future

Dines Group has added a further 40ha of residential land to its holdings in Pokeno to ensure development will continue for another 3-5 years, with a further 400 lots planned. Meanwhile the local District Council is looking at further re-zoning and want a town in excess of 20,000 people to be built. Further opportunities will arise.

What do we believe in?

At Groupe ZELO, we believe that transparency is an asset in the development of our real estate projects. This is why we place community relations at the heart of our concerns. To that end, citizens are continually involved in the decision-making process in order to ensure that Groupe ZELO undertakes every action with honesty, transparency and collaboration.

Quality is one of our strengths and one that we try to share with everyone. The team believes strongly in the execution of meticulous work and the selection of high-quality materials.

In the same line of thought, Groupe ZELO is convinced that our values can be successfully carried out by investing in local development. Relying on local services and businesses, whether for construction, architecture, urban planning or the design of our projects, will solidify tomorrow’s economic development.

Wakefield Hills; Our Mission

Ensuring a better tomorrow for current and future generations both socially and environmentally. Our real estate projects seek to promote common spaces and the proximity to green spaces. The design encourages the concept of community with all the benefits of privacy and tranquility in nature.

Our Vision

With a futuristic and eco-responsible vision, the green choices we make go hand in hand with an ingeniously cleaner future.

Constantly on the lookout for new real estate trends, but also for construction requirements, Groupe ZELO is always planning ahead. Moreover, to preserve our environment and actively participate in its protection, Groupe ZELO is committed to responsible behaviour. Particularly, our homes are equipped with the latest energy-efficient features and materials are chosen according to rigorous standards.

In addition, materials must go through an impact analysis process. Each selection of materials must meet the criteria related to the ecological footprint, energy efficiency and air permeability calculations in order to establish the best possible wall composition.

Guillaume Gaboury


Guillaume Gaboury has over 10 years experience in the building industry, working on custom homes and integrated residential projects.  Guillaume was born and raised in Gatineau, he is married to Marie-Eve and they have a baby boy named Olivier (aka Hercules).

Joey Brunet

Head of Construction

Joey Brunet has over 15 years in the construction industry, he is the founder of JB Construction, managing the construction of custom homes, log homes and integrated residential projects. Joey is known for his fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Joey has three children and his partner Dayna Chicoine is from the well known Wakefield family.

Christopher Brice


Christopher was born and raised in rural New Zealand, the youngest of four boys. He now lives in Aylmer, Gatineau with his French-Canadian wife, Christelle, and their twin boys, James and Thomas. Christopher is the Cofounder of Groupe ZELO and oversees accounting, legal affairs, marketing/sales and strategic direction.